Built for sending emails for apps


Learn how your email is performing through sending, delivery, and customer engagement with 35+ metrics and powerful email analytics features in SparkPost


Accounts start from $9 per month

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Key Features

  • Get analytical data on your email performance
  • Designed for emails from App's

Great for

  • Visualise your email performance on a dashboard
  • Use webhooks (HTTP callbacks) to push inbound and outbound email activity to your app in real time
  • Use SparkPost's Adaptive Delivery technology which aggregates real-time delivery data from millions of email messages to automatically optimize email delivery for every ISP and market
  • SparkPost customers see a 96% deliverability rate
  • Use templates to help you get started with building your emails
  • Sparkpost ensures 99.99% uptime reliability

Be aware that

  • The basic account tier is limited to 50,000 emails per month
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