Opteo is everything you hoped AdWords would be. Smart, powerful, and built to make life easier. Automate routine AdWords tasks, spend more time on high-level strategy and creative work


Accounts start from $97 per month

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Key Features

  • Receive over 30+ improvement type notifications
  • Manage keyword bids
  • Monitor and diagnose account issues in real time

Great for

  • Monitoring and diagnosing performance issues accurately and in real time.
  • Automatically detect landing page errors
  • Create and upload SKAGs
  • Optimize and manage display campaigns
  • Explore segments to find the most profitable areas within an account
  • Check scorecards to get a high-level understanding of account performance
  • Integrate with Slack and get Improvements and Alerts delivered to your inbox
  • Allocate budget to high performing ads using smart statistical analysis based on Click Through Rate and Conversions

Be aware that

  • You are limited to connecting 30 accounts if you are on the entry level account
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