Machine learning performance technology that aligns eCommerce goals with product ads to drive better performance and accelerate insights


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Key Features

  • Automatically create you shopping account structure
  • Use Machine Learning to automate bidding
  • Monitor competitor prices and receive suggestions for your pricing

Great for

  • Systematically monitor competitor prices for strategic SKUs and get strategic pricing suggestions to improve campaign performance and margins
  • Receive custom bid suggestions based on performance data
  • Get advanced reporting metrics like new customer acquisition, customer lifetime value or margin
  • Machine learning and automated bid-testing means you always bid just the right amount to get maximum exposure with the most efficient bid modifiers
  • Optimize your campaigns for advanced eCommerce goals like New Customer Acquisition, Customer Lifetime Value or Margin
  • Improve impressions and get more clicks through optimized Product Titles

Be aware that

  • Does not currently include campaigns on Facebook
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