Leading solution for online shops with a large product inventory. Easily create quality product data feeds for all shopping channels. No coding required


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Key Features

  • A/B product testing feature
  • No coding required to set up feed
  • Tracking tools built into the Productsup platform

Great for

  • You can update your product information multiple times a day
  • All Google shopping restrictions have been integrated into the platform, which reduces delays
  • You can manage ecommerce campaigns on Google, Bing, and Facebook
  • Automatically schedule product and data imports into your feed
  • Perform channel-specific assessments with the platform’s smart analysis feature
  • Select from hundreds of available, channel-specific feed templates
  • Manage your product ROI and exclude unprofitable channels from your strategy

Be aware that

  • Headquarters based in Germany, need to be aware of time differences when dealing with customer services
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