Crème de la crème

Crème de la crème connects professionals with a vetted community of freelancers experts in tech, marketing and design thanks to technology. On average, only 10% of applicants make it through the application process and are connected every day with innovative companies like Uber, Google, LinkedIn or Airbnb


15% commission on the first month before decreasing to 5% after the end of the second month

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Key Features

  • Crème de la crème selects and vets freelancers before matching them with companies thanks to the technology built
  • Every project is insured up to £9M thanks to AXA insurance
  • Freelancers receive their payment just 48h after a project finishes

Great for

  • Companies who want to hire the right talent quickly
  • Companies looking for the latest digital skills on the market (growth marketers, UX designers, NodeJS developers...)
  • Freelancers who want to be apart of a thriving community based on mutual help and care

Be aware that

  • Crème de la crème covers professions only within the marketing, tech and design areas


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