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FatJoe Review: The Ultimate Guide to FatJoe

FatJoe secures more than 5,000 links per month

Like an SEO buffet for agencies and businesses. You’ll have access to à la carte Link Building and Content Creation Services all inside one dashboard


Links start from $55 per link

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Ryan Murton
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Ryan Murton
Last Updated April 13, 2019
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Ryan Murton is the Head of SEO & ASO at Badoo & Bumble. With over 10 years experience in online marketing, he has worked across various industries. He also consults for numerous well-known brands.


So, what are the key features for FatJoe?

  • Hands-off link building services that leverage an expansive network of bloggers and content creators
  • On-demand content production services for written content and infographic design
  • Add your business details to local business directories to boost local search rankings
  • Press release writing and distribution across a network of journalists and news outlets
  • Outreach and promotion for infographics, with supporting content taken care of for you

What’s great about FatJoe:

  • All of their features and services are available from the same sales dashboard so you can track all your orders and deliveries together
  • These features are easily white-labelled and added to agency packages you already provide
  • Their methodical approach to link-building incorporates outreach and content production hand-in-hand
  • Pick and choose your services and packages across both link building and content production
  • Founded in 2012, FatJoe is used by over 1,000 SEO Agencies and secures over 5,000 links per month.

What you need to be aware of:

  • Their link building packages vary in terms of content length, placement quality, and quantity
  • When ordering link placements, you can adjust content length, anchor text, and target URL but not specific placements


Blogger Outreach & Link Building:

  • Domain Authority 10+: £45 per placement
  • Domain Authority 20+: £60 per placement
  • Domain Authority 30+: £80 per placement
  • Domain Authority 40+: £180 per placement
  • Domain Authority 50+: £360 per placement


Bulk discounts apply on orders including 25+ placements in first three tiers.

Content Writing:

  • 250 Words: £10 per article
  • 500 Words: £15 per article
  • 1000 Words: £30 per article
  • 1500 Words: £45 per article
  • 2000 Words: £60 per article

Local Business Citations:

  • 25 Citations: £40 per business or website
  • 50 Citations: £70 per business or website
  • 100 Citations: £100 per business or website

Infographic Design:

  • Research: £30 per design
  • Basic (10 elements): £95
  • Premium (20 elements): £190
  • Platinum (30 elements): £285

Infographic Outreach:

  • Domain Authority 10+: £35 per placement
  • Domain Authority 20+: £50 per placement
  • Domain Authority 30+: £70 per placement

Press Release Distribution: £95 per release.

FatJoe Introduction

Before going into much detail on FatJoe’s offering, it’s worth pausing to understand how “link-building” works, and why it has an affect on your website’s rankings. Search engines tend to rank websites that are frequently linked to (or have a lot of “backlinks”), as this is often an indication of quality and relevance. If a lot of people are pointing at your site, chances are it’s hosting good content and has a strong Domain Authority.

There are plenty of factors that contribute to good search engine rankings, and one of them is the quantity and quality of the websites that link back to your website. FatJoe’s service greatly simplifies the process of building these links from a pre-selected and vast network of bloggers and websites.

There are 2 types of customer who should consider using FatJoe:

  • If you are a business owner seeking to improve your own SEO performance, FatJoe can provide a convenient and self-service model for increasing the discoverability of your website to search engines. Their service dashboard is easy to understand, and they provide services that can improve your website’s link profile.
  • If you are an SEO manager or own an SEO agency, FatJoe provides a number of their services as white-label tools to add to your own service packages. Their dashboard allows you to place orders at scale and across a variety of domain authorities.

Let’s dig into these services a bit more:


Link Building & Blogger Outreach

For most businesses, this can be an exceptionally time-intensive process with lots of touchpoints and nurturing in order for any links to come to fruition at all. To place a guest-blog link, marketing managers typically need to individually reach out to a blogger, pitch an article, write the piece, coordinate publish date, and review content before publishing. That’s a lot of touchpoints for a single link; typically backlinks only contribute meaningful results in aggregate.

FatJoe offer a slick dashboard for this whole process, and the fact that they offer content writing services as well is a welcome addition to their offering. Placing an order is very simple: just select the number of placements you require across the range of domain authority rankings available, select the length of the content (articles are by default 500 words, and can be expanded in length as an add-on), and write the anchor text for the link to be included in the article.


FatJoe SEO


FatJoe recommends varying the length and quality of placements for the best results, and their sales dashboard makes it very easy to adjust your order based on your needs. Typically, a diverse link profile for your site is an advantage, and this service is a hassle-free means of bulking out your backlinks without needing to manually nurture each relationship or placement.


Content Production and Promotion

As an add-on to their blogger outreach service, FatJoe also offer on-demand content writing and infographic creation services. Orders can be placed through the same dashboard as blogger outreach services, and pricing is split by content length.


Copywriting and Article Content

If you’re looking to add more written content to your site to improve SEO performance, FatJoe offer competitively priced content writing packages for blogs, educational articles, press releases, page copy, and reviews.

To commission an article, simply select the kind of content you’d like written, set the word count, briefly describe the title or concept, explain the website or target audience, suggest some keywords or phrases that you are aiming to rank for, and select the writing style.


Fat Joe Content Writing

Articles are typically completed within 3 days, but this can vary depending on the length of the content that you order. If you require revisions, there is a simple flow that allows managers to  “Request Amendments”, which is forward directly to the writer and typically returned within two days.


Infographic Design

Infographics have become a very popular way of presenting branded findings and research – they are eye-catching, help to communicate data that can sometimes be dry, and are easily repurposed across other marketing channels.

As a result, creating a high-quality infographic can be a reliable way of picking up additional link placements and building brand equity as infographics are easily shared and amplified through social media channels.


Fat Joe Infographics

FatJoe’s in-house design team create branded infographics to order. Pricing scales with the complexity of the requested order, and as an add-on their content team can carry out research against your brief. It’s worth noting that revisions are only available at higher price tiers, but infographic deliverables are fully editable if required.

Their infographic design service can also be coupled with their infographic outreach service if you’re interested in promoting the content outside of your own channels without much leg-work.


SEO Tools & Resources

Keyword Rank Checker

FATRANK is a handy free tool for checking how various sites are ranking for specific keywords, and allows users to export this data as a CSV for analysis. As free ranking tracking tools go, it’s a zippy one and very easy to use… but only checks for the first 100 results.

If you’re on a budget and keen to check how your pages are ranking, or need to do some competitor analysis, FATRANK is handy tool for monitoring these crucial metrics.

Blog Title Generator

A pretty cute tool that generates a list of potential blog-post ideas from a single phrase or keyword. It’s helpful in getting those creative juices flowing, and some of the titles are a good inspiration for particular blog structures or formats.

They’re not always perfect (which FatJoe openly admit), but the output is immediate and fairly consistently helpful!

The history of FatJoe

FatJoe was founded back in 2012, when two seasoned SEO professionals (Joe Taylor and Joe Davies) teamed up to help provide a high-quality link building solution for SEO agencies. From there, they’ve continued to add to their service range and have grown their team substantially. They currently are based in Staffordshire, UK.

Ryan Murton
?Our page editors are carefully selected for their expertise and knowledge for this product.
Page Editor & Reviewer
Ryan Murton

Ryan Murton is the Head of SEO & ASO at Badoo & Bumble. With over 10 years experience in online marketing, he has worked across various industries. He also consults for numerous well-known brands.


Overall, FatJoe’s services can stand to save a substantial amount of time in the link-building process. Their all-in-one service platform is pretty convenient for tracking larger orders, and the self-serve nature allows SEOs to build their link profiles in a customized way.


One thing to consider is that as FatJoe is an outreach tool, you won’t have much say in the placement other than anchor text and destination URL for your requested placement.


It’s worth noting that FatJoe offer a money-back guarantee on every customer’s first order. If you are interested in building a site’s link profile and putting together more content for your site: FatJoe are definitely worth a look.

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4.3 out of 5
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