Simplest tool for cold email outreach for sales and marketing. Proven templates, bulk email, auto followups, track clicks & replies


Accounts start from $19 per month

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Key Features

  • Outbound email platform
  • Choose from a range of email templates
  • Monitor and track opens, clicks and replies

Great for

  • Choose from a range of email templates or create your own
  • Schedule automatically follow ups or create rules which will trigger a follow up (like a click or a open)
  • Belong to as many teams as you like, and invite others to collaborate on your campaigns
  • Optimize your sending calendar and choose when emails are sent out
  • Use merge fields to quickly customize your messages
  • View charts and stats on how your messages are doing
  • Create a lead sign up form and place it on your website

Be aware that

  • The account is limited to 1 user
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