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Key Features

  • Track and measure offline conversions
  • Optimize and automate your Facebook advertising account
  • Get access to a real-time performance dashboard

Great for

  • Bionic’s algorithmic Auto Pilot functionalities systematically monitor, manage and optimise campaigns to deliver the best possible ROAS
  • Automated bidding, budget reallocation and performance based pausing based on CPA, frequency, delivery and fatigue are automatically optimized in the Bionic platform
  • Bionic’s Reach and Engagement functionality chains any two campaigns; sequencing and storytelling by moving remaining budget to the chained counterpart once targets are achieved; delivering CPAs up to 93% below target
  • Eliminate waste by dynamically removing customers from prospecting campaigns when they buy the featured product
  • Dynamically create and populate upsell campaigns to target customers with campaigns featuring products that are linked to recent purchases
  • Understand who the real world customer is in terms of age, education, interests, marital status by store, product range or individual product purchased

Be aware that

  • There is no free trial for the service
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