is the leading Facebook ad optimization solution for agencies and performance marketers


Accounts start from €1,000 per month

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Key Features

  • Automate and scale your Facebook and Instagram marketing campaigns
  • Manage your workflow through
  • Receive 24/5 real-time support for technical and campaign-optimization issues

Great for

  • Get the most out of your ad budget with the Predictive Budget Allocation, optimization triggers and A/B testing tools
  • Reach new people and show them the products that they’re most likely to buy, or automatically promote well-performing organic page posts to a larger audience
  • Scale your ad creation using product feeds and tools like the Dynamic Image Templates
  • Eliminate manual tasks, launch and clone ads quickly, and streamline your campaign management workflow
  • Retarget your ads based on what users did on your website and set up rules based on whether they viewed, purchased or added products to their shopping cart. These rules can also be used to upsell more profitable products in the same category or cross-sell related products
  • allows you to create triggers and customizable rules to automate any action

Be aware that

  • charges a minimum €1,000 per month or a percentage of your ad spend if you ad spend is over €20,001 per month
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