StitcherAds is the easiest way to build highly automated campaigns on Facebook and Instagram that convert both online and in-store


Accounts start from $2,500 per month

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Key Features

  • Optimize and scale your Facebook & Instagram marketing
  • Automated Prospecting and Retargeting
  • Time-saving workflow automation

Great for

  • Connect your product feed to the StitcherAds feed mapping tool to easily correct errors and add custom elements
  • Grow your customer base with automated ads targeting audiences optimized for the best user and product matches
  • Retarget and convert website and in-store traffic with ads based on customers’ behavioral cues
  • Reduce manual tasks in the campaign creation process. Save product sets, audiences, creative, and messaging for reuse
  • Bulk edit bids, budgets, targeting, and creative post launch. Single click for A/B testing. Double click for multivariate testing
  • Use either ready-to-use or customizable dynamic templates to create millions of new creatives instantly
  • Create and manage your own dashboards with metrics important to your business

Be aware that

  • StitcherAds was created for large companies
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