Freshchat is a modern messaging software built for teams who want to ace customer conversations — marketing, sales, or support


Free tier available. Paid accounts start from $15 per user per month

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Key Features

  • Categorize conversations into topic-based message channels (E.g., refunds, feedback, price page views) for setting expectations or for routing to the right groups
  • Create a Priority Inbox in order to discover and respond to conversations that are vital, with filtered views to sort based on time for which responses are due
  • Use emojis, videos, or words in your chats
  • Link your chat system with your CRM system to you can get context into every conversation you have

Great for

  • Create triggered messages based on event and attribution targeting
  • You can create a bot that responses to messages when your team are offline
  • Auto-assign the right conversation to the right team member by creating assignment rules
  • You can set up pre-formatted responses to common queries which will reduce time for your team and optimize your resolution time
  • Get Read Receipts which gives your team members clarity on the conversation status by displaying the customer read status of a message
  • Get access to a real-time dashboard and track your team's performance

Be aware that

  • The free tier is limited to 10,000 monthly unique visitors
  • The free tier is limited to 10 users


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