FullStory session replay records the user's experience on your website or app, enabling you to search, segment, and reproduce with DVR-like playback every click, tap, or scroll


Free tier available. Paid accounts start from $199 per month

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Key Features

  • High-quality user session reply
  • View click and heat maps
  • Share customer segments, notes on sessions, and automatically push it all to your team's Slack, HipChat, Trello and more

Great for

  • Simple integration on your website, setting up FullStory only requires a small snippet of code on your site, no maintenance and no manual tagging
  • View how your customers browse and use your site in a live setting
  • Point-and-click any element on your page to see what percentage of your visitors have interacted with it
  • Exclude sensitive customer data every leaving your customer's browser by using the in-app point and click system

Be aware that

  • Session data is permanently deleted when it reaches the age specified in your subscription plan, so if you need it for longer you must upgrade first.
  • The free tier is limited to 1,000 monthly sessions
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