IBM Tealeaf

In a competitive marketplace your business has to deliver. See what works, what doesn’t, and how you can fix it to create quality experiences that turn visitors into customers and keep your customers coming back


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Key Features

  • Analyze customer behavior data
  • Understand customer issues
  • Optimize usability

Great for

  • See which performance and usability issues are costing your company the most money
  • Go beyond function and malfunction to understand how elements of your site or app impact usability
  • Quickly drill down to find the root causes of customer issues without having to dig through and analyze mountains of data
  • Gain a customer perspective with session replay to pinpoint exactly when and where users are struggling
  • Analyze customer behavior data to reveal broader trends for customer interaction with your web site or mobile app

Be aware that

  • IBM Tealeaf has been created for large companies
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