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Return Path is the expert in deliverability, helping marketers drive revenue through email


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Key Features

  • Receive custom deliverability reports
  • Receive Smart Alerts if Return Path detects an issue that will cause deliverability problems
  • Receive a reputation and sender score

Great for

  • Building a sender score in order to increase email deliverability
  • Monitoring inbox placements
  • Email blacklist monitoring
  • Receiving deliverability reports
  • Gain access to Return Path's Inbox Preview feature which allows you to see how your email will look across multiple devices and email clients
  • Run checks against Return Path's spam filter checks to see if there are any errors you need to change
  • Consult with Return Path's deliverability experts and access a wide range of email best practices
  • Defend your business by detecting, blocking, and responding to email threats targeting your employees and customers

Be aware that

  • The platform can have a steep learning curve
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