Powering paid marketers with closed-loop reporting and automation. AdStage is connecting paid media marketers to the data they need to analyze, automate, and report on their PPC and paid social campaigns


Accounts start from $749 per month

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Key Features

  • Manage search and social campaigns within one platform
  • Automate and create custom reports
  • Create performance dashboards

Great for

  • Create and schedule automated reports
  • Create and manage optimization automated rules
  • Have a single location to export your data from
  • Integrates with most digital ad platforms
  • Create white label reports
  • Use pre-built reporting templates to help you get started
  • Keep your creatives fresh and fight ad fatigue by automatically rotating or scheduling new ads
  • Always know how your campaigns are performing by monitoring your accounts 24/7 with triggered email alerts

Be aware that

  • Some of the other platforms have a lower cost per month
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