Call tracking, recording, and analytics. Optimize your marketing and increase ROI with call tracking. Metrics for PPC, SEO, and offline ad campaigns.


Accounts start from $30 per month

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Key Features

  • Campaign Call Tracking
  • Record all incoming phone calls
  • Instantly set up new phone numbers for your campaigns

Great for

  • Measure phone call conversions from PPC, SEO and offline campaigns
  • Assign a unique trackable phone number to each marketing campaign
  • Create dynamic phone numbers and swap phone numbers depending on the source of the traffic
  • Get local and toll-free numbers instantly (currently only in the US and Canada)
  • Instantly know which campaigns are driving calls via the reporting dashboard which updates in real-time
  • Record phone calls for valuable feedback
  • Use multi channel call attribution to track every interaction that lead to a phone call
  • Integrate with AdWords, Google Analytics, Hubspot, Marketo, Salesforce, Unbounce and 700+ other platforms via Zapier

Be aware that

  • They only provide call tracking for US, Canada, UK, Brazil, France, Germany, Australia and New Zealand
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