PPC Protect

30-day free trial available

PPC Protect stops click fraud on your PPC campaigns. Automated and easy protection set up in three clicks giving you more leads, saving you money and allowing you sell more through PPC


Accounts start from $29 per domain per month

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Key Features

  • 100% secure - No manager account access required
  • Automatically block suspected fraudulent IP address from seeing your ad
  • Analyzes all of your site visitors in order to better identify potential fraudsters before they click on your ad
  • You can add multiple domains to protect and manage them from one dashboard
  • The anti-click fraud algorithms can be tweaked to your specific business niche or industry

Great for

  • Add an unlimited amount of users to your account
  • Real Time IP Blocking
  • Save an estimated 30% of your Google Ads spend
  • Install PPC Protect in around 2 minutes

Be aware that

  • The entry level account protects up to $2,500 in advertising spend per month
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