Ruler Analytics

Create local or free phone numbers in over 50 countries

Ruler Analytics is a visitor level analytics product that tracks customer journeys, conversions, phone calls & companies looking at your site


Accounts start from £99 per month

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Key Features

  • Campaign & keyword call tracking
  • Static & offline call tracking
  • Dynamic number insertion

Great for

  • Track phone calls generated from PPC and SEO campaigns
  • Add phone call tracking to Google Analytics as goals
  • Create unique phone numbers for your print campaigns so you can track offline conversions
  • Get access to local or free phone number types in over 50 countries with access to any location specific or free number type variation
  • A rolling contract means you are not tied into any long-term commitments
  • Record every phone call to qualify leads and improve customer service
  • Integrate Ruler with Google Analytics

Be aware that

  • The entry level account is limited to 1,000 call minutes per month
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