Sidecar is the only technology built specifically to supercharge Google Shopping performance. Retailers average 62% revenue growth in six months


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Key Features

  • Use machine learning to automatically manage bids
  • It comes with a feature to model your future revenue and sales

Great for

  • Individual product bids dynamically adjust to maximize performance and cost efficiency—no matter your catalog size
  • Sidecar finds queries that are most and least valuable to your business and allocates the right spend according to each query’s value
  • Continuous learning algorithms develop a deep understanding of your business to predict and capitalize on your next top sellers
  • Applies bids separately for desktop, mobile, and tablet, using machine learning intelligence to boost performance at the device level
  • Products with little Google Shopping data get bolstered as the technology collects and attaches relevant, additional data to drive product bidding strategy

Be aware that

  • The platform has a learning curve before you get the most out of it
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