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Elevate Your SEO Strategy with In-Depth Competitor Analysis and Powerful Keyword Research Tools

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Accounts start from $39.95 per month (Billed Monthly)

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What are the key features of RankActive?

  • Comprehensive competitor analysis for SEO and PPC strategies
  • In-depth keyword research and suggestions for improved targeting
  • Backlink analysis and opportunities for link building
  • Rank tracking for your website's performance in search engines
  • Detailed website analytics to help you make data-driven decisions
  • White label reporting for agencies and consultants

What's great about RankActive?

  • User-friendly interface and dashboard for easy navigation
  • Historical data tracking for SEO and PPC performance
  • Integration with Google Analytics for seamless data analysis
  • Customizable white-label reports to impress your clients
  • Excellent customer support and knowledge base for guidance

What you need to be aware of:

  • Limited to tracking rankings in specific countries and regions
  • Data updates might not be as frequent as with some competitors
  • Pricing could be on the higher side for smaller businesses

RankActive Pricing

Optimal Plan:

$29.95 per month (Billed Annually) / $39.95 per month (Billed Monthly)
  • 250 keywords
  • 25,000 pages crawled
  • 10 competitors per project
  • 5 projects

Ultimate Plan:

$89.95 per month (Billed Annually) / $119.95 per month (Billed Monthly)
  • 1,000 keywords
  • 100,000 pages crawled
  • Unlimited competitors per project
  • Unlimited projects

Enterprise Plan:

Custom pricing based on your requirements
  • Custom keyword limits
  • Custom pages crawled
  • Unlimited competitors per project
  • Unlimited projects

RankActive Introduction

Whether you’re a business owner, a member of an in-house digital marketing team, an SEO professional, or a marketing agency, RankActive is an all-in-one SEO platform designed to help you outperform your competition. With a comprehensive suite of tools, including competitor analysis, keyword research, backlink analysis, and rank tracking, RankActive empowers you to make data-driven decisions, optimize your online presence, and stay ahead in the ever-changing digital landscape.

![Image: RankActive Features]

SEO Competitor Research

Gaining insights into your competitors’ SEO strategies is crucial for staying ahead in the game. RankActive’s competitor analysis tools enable you to monitor your competitors’ organic search rankings, content, and backlinks. By leveraging this data, you can identify gaps in their strategies, capitalize on their weaknesses, and gain a competitive edge.

![Image: RankActive SEO Competitor Research]

PPC Analysis

In addition to SEO analysis, RankActive also provides valuable insights into your competitors’ PPC strategies. By discovering their ad copy, target keywords, and budget allocations, you can optimize your own campaigns, gaining an advantage in the competitive online advertising space.

![Image: RankActive PPC Analysis]

Detailed Keyword Research

RankActive offers in-depth keyword research to help you identify the most relevant and high-performing keywords for your website. With access to search volume data, competition level insights, and alternative keyword suggestions, you can optimize your content and target the right audience for your business.

![Image: RankActive Keyword Research]

Backlink Analysis

Backlinks play a crucial role in improving your website’s search engine rankings. RankActive’s backlink analysis tool helps you identify your competitors’ backlink sources, allowing you to replicate their success and boost your own site’s authority. By understanding their link-building strategies, you can implement effective tactics to improve your online presence and visibility.

![Image: RankActive Backlink Analysis]

Rank Tracker

Monitoring your website’s performance in search engine rankings is essential for measuring the success of your SEO efforts. RankActive’s Rank Tracker allows you to track your website’s position for target keywords over time, providing insights into the effectiveness of your strategies and areas for improvement. By keeping a close eye on your rankings, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize your SEO campaigns.

![Image: RankActive Rank Tracker]

White Label Reporting

For agencies and consultants, RankActive offers white-label reporting, allowing you to generate professional, branded reports for your clients. These customizable reports can be tailored to showcase your agency’s branding and the specific data that your clients need. Impress your clients with detailed, visually appealing reports that demonstrate the value of your SEO services.

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What do we think?

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your SEO game! RankActive is a comprehensive SEO platform that offers a wide range of tools for competitor analysis, keyword research, backlink analysis, and rank tracking.

Its user-friendly interface and in-depth features make it a valuable asset for businesses, marketing professionals, and agencies alike.

By leveraging the insights provided by RankActive, you can make informed decisions, optimize your SEO and PPC campaigns, and stay ahead of the competition.

Take action now and try RankActive for yourself!

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