Reddit Keyword Research Tool

Keyworddit extracts keywords from Reddit. Enter any subreddit and it will pull out a list of the most popular Reddit searches with their search volume


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Ryan Murton
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Ryan Murton
Last Updated November 27, 2018

Ryan Murton is the Head of SEO & ASO at Badoo & Bumble. With over 10 years experience in online marketing, he has worked across various industries. He also consults for numerous well-known brands.

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Key Features

  • Finding the most popular searches on Reddit
  • Understanding what topics your audience is most interested in
  • The tool is completely free to use

Great for

  • Getting the monthly search volume figures for popular topics
  • Being able to see the context of the types of questions being asked on Reddit

Be aware that

  • You are currently limited to only searching the existing subreddits. If you can't find a particular topic you are interested in you will have to find the nearest option
  • If the subreddit you're looking for doesn't come up in the auto-suggest list, it is too small (<10,000 subscribers)


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