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So, what are the key features for Serpstat?

  • Comprehensive keyword research, including search volume, CPC, competition level, and related keywords
  • Track your website's search rankings and monitor changes over time
  • Perform a detailed site audit to identify and fix technical SEO issues
  • Analyze your backlink profile and discover new link-building opportunities
  • Gain insights into your competitors' SEO and PPC strategies to help you outperform them
  • Access to Serpstat's API for custom data integration and analysis

What's great about Serpstat?

  • All-in-one platform provides a wide range of SEO and PPC tools
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and analyze data
  • Regularly updated keyword and backlink databases ensure accurate and up-to-date information
  • Serpstat Academy offers educational resources to help users maximize the platform's potential
  • Customizable and branded reports available for client presentations and internal use

What you need to be aware of:

  • Some users may find the pricing tiers limiting, especially for larger agencies or businesses with multiple projects
  • Serpstat currently supports a limited number of regional databases, which may not cover all target markets

Serpstat Prices

Lite Plan:

$69 per month (Billed Annually) / $55 per month (Billed Monthly)
  • 4,000 queries per day
  • 10,000 results per report
  • 15,000 tracked keywords
  • Access to all tools

Standard Plan:

$149 per month (Billed Annually) / $119 per month (Billed Monthly)
  • 5,000 queries per day
  • 30,000 results per report
  • 60,000 tracked keywords
  • Access to all tools
  • White label reports

Advanced Plan:

$299 per month (Billed Annually) / $239 per month (Billed Monthly)
  • 8,000 queries per day
  • 50,000 results per report
  • 150,000 tracked keywords
  • Access to all tools
  • White label reports
  • Dedicated account manager

Enterprise Plan:

$499 per month (Billed Annually) / $399 per month (Billed Monthly)
  • Custom queries per day
  • Custom results per report
  • Custom tracked keywords
  • Access to all tools
  • White label reports
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Custom integrations

Let’s dive a little deeper into Serpstat

Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO platform that provides a comprehensive suite of tools for keyword research, rank tracking, site audit, backlink analysis, and competitor analysis. Designed for digital marketing professionals, businesses, and agencies, Serpstat aims to streamline the SEO and PPC process by offering a single platform for all your search marketing needs.

Serpstat can benefit two main types of users:

  1. Business owners or in-house marketing teams seeking to improve their search marketing performance and outrank their competitors.
  2. SEO professionals or agencies looking to provide their clients with detailed insights and actionable recommendations to improve their search marketing strategies.


Keyword Research

Serpstat’s keyword research tool helps you identify high-potential keywords by providing important data points such

as search volume, CPC, competition level, and related keywords. The platform also offers a Keyword Difficulty score, which helps you assess the level of competition for a particular keyword and decide if it’s worth targeting. You can also analyze the performance of your existing keywords and identify areas for optimization.



Rank Tracking

Track your website’s search rankings for specific keywords and monitor changes over time. Serpstat’s rank tracking tool allows you to analyze your website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) and compare your performance against your competitors. You can also set up automated notifications to stay informed about significant changes in your rankings.



Site Audit

Serpstat’s site audit tool helps you identify and fix technical SEO issues on your website. The platform scans your website and provides an overall health score, along with a detailed list of issues and recommendations for improvement. Some common issues that the site audit tool can help you uncover and address include broken links, duplicate content, and missing meta tags.



Backlink Analysis

Analyze your backlink profile and discover new link-building opportunities with Serpstat’s backlink analysis tool. The platform provides detailed information on your website’s referring domains, backlink types, and anchor texts, allowing you to better understand and improve your backlink profile. You can also spy on your competitors’ backlink strategies to uncover potential link-building opportunities for your own website.



Competitor Research

Serpstat’s competitor research tools help you gain valuable insights into your competitors’ SEO and PPC strategies. By analyzing your competitors’ keyword rankings, backlink profiles, and ad campaigns, you can identify gaps in their strategies and uncover new opportunities for your own search marketing campaigns. Serpstat also allows you to compare your website’s performance against your competitors’ in a side-by-side comparison.


API Access

Serpstat offers API access to its data, allowing you to integrate the platform’s rich datasets into your own custom applications and tools. The API supports a variety of data requests, including keyword research, rank tracking, backlink analysis, and more. This feature is particularly useful for large agencies or businesses that require custom data solutions.

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What do we think?

Serpstat is a powerful all-in-one SEO platform that offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help businesses and digital marketing professionals improve their search marketing performance.

Its user-friendly interface, regularly updated databases, and wide range of features make it a valuable resource for anyone looking to gain a competitive edge in the world of search marketing.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to boost your search marketing campaigns and stay ahead of your competition. Start your Serpstat journey today and discover the full potential of this all-in-one SEO platform!

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