Emma is an email marketing platform that helps over 15,000 brands plan, design, and optimize targeted emails


Accounts start at $89 per month

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Key Features

  • Create email automation process which is personal, relevant and timely with Emma's marketing automation suite
  • Use email engagement logic to create email flows
  • Create dynamic email content based on the user
  • Integrate Emma with your CRM system

Great for

  • Trigger messages based on user website and email activity
  • Segment and personalize your email sends
  • Build A/B tests
  • Build landing pages that match your email campaigns
  • Use Litmus to test how your email looks in various devices
  • Get access to email sign-up forms that can be placed on your website
  • Use robust email analytics to track performance

Be aware that

  • The entry level account is limited to 10,000 subscribers
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