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Adzooma Health Check

The 1-minute PPC Health Check from Adzooma provides a quick, simple way to check the performance of a Google Ads campaign and identify opportunities for improvement


The Health Check is free

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Key Features

  • Checks twelve key elements of an account’s structure to ensure optimum setup
  • Suggests opportunities to improve performance to reduce wasted spend and increase conversions
  • Every opportunity is actionable within Adzooma, most with a single click

Great for

  • Getting a quick overview of how well your Google Ads campaigns are performing
  • Easily identifying opportunities to improve metrics such as your Quality Score
  • Finding missed opportunities you can exploit to improve CPCs, CTR, and ROI
  • Making sense of complex Google Ads data in one simple to understand report

Be aware that

  • • You’ll need to link up your Google Ads account to Adzooma to benefit from this service (though they are a Google Premier Partner)
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